Cellulose and Fiber Based Advanced Materials at South China University of Technology


 I. 纤维先进材料
     Cellulose and Fiber Based Advanced Materials

  • 绿色纳米材料(微纤纤维素,纳米纤维素,纳米微晶纤维素)
    Green cellulose nanomaterials: Cellulose nanofibers, such as Microfibrillated Cellulose (MFC), Cellulose Nanofibrils (CNF); Cellulose Nanocrystals (CNCs)
  • 纤维柔性电子新材料(柔性OLED基材、打印电子基材,柔性有机太阳能电池等光伏电子基材等)
    Cellulose based flexible electronics materials: Flexible OLED substrates, print electronics substrates, photovoltaic electronics substrates such as Flexible Orgarnic Solar Cell substrates, etc.
  • 纤维生物医学材料(纳米靶向药物载体、纳米防癌药物载体、生物传感器等)
    Cellulose based advanced biomedicine materials: Nanomaterials and nanotechnique application in anticancer; Targeted drug nanocarrier delivery systems; Cellulose biosensor


 II. 纸张新材料
     Functional Paper Advanced Materials

  • 功能纸张(超导热纸、超透明纸、防菌纸、防火纸等)
    Functional paper (Super thermal conductivity paper, super clear nanopaper, anti-bacteria paper, etc.)​
  • 智能包装材料
    Smart packaging materials (high-gas-barrier paper, highly functionalized packaging materials, etc.)



 III. 造纸节能减排与过程优化
     Energy Saving and Carbon Emission Control, Process Simulation and Optimization

  • 造纸过程节能技术、减排(碳排放)技术
    Simulation & optimization and energy-saving of papermaking process; Carbon emission and low-carbon product of papermaking industry
  • 制浆造纸模拟及优化
    Simulation and optimization