Cellulose and Fiber Based Advanced Materials at South China University of Technology


Graduate Students:


王瑞平  Ruiping

Flexible electronic materials

E-mail: ​wangruiping08@163.com





田彦 Tian Yan

Study of nanocellulose on improving the water-solubility of anticancer drugs

E-mail: tianyan7013@163.com





余煌 Yu Huang

Flexible Transparent Electrode of CNF/rGO and CNF/AgNW

E-mail: yuhuang7122@gmail.com





陈琳琳 Chen Linlin

Flexible OLED Display Substrate with Cellulose Nanofiber

E-mail: chenlinlin0630@163.com





Graduated Graduate Students:


付俊俊 Fu Junjun

The application of the nanocellulose in Gold nanoparticals-based biosensing

Now working in Shenzhen Unitalen Attorneys at Law Co., Ltd.

E-mail: fujunjun0925@163.com



袁长龙 Yuan Changlong

Study on nano-cellulose materials for OLED flexible substrates

Now working in BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.

E-mail: changlong.yuan@foxmail.com




李远华 Li Yuanhua

Development of microfluidic bioassay matrix

E-mail: scut.yuanhua.li@gmail.com




杨亚帆 Yang Yafan

Molecular simulation, gradient theory, data mining

Now in King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST)

E-mail: yafan.yang@kaust.edu.sa & yangyafanyyf@hotmail.com